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Become Part of a Movement

Away From Home offers a self-paced learning experience that helps individuals learn about mental health. From learning how to help yourself and others cope, to helping remove the stigma behind mental health, the project will give you all the resources you need to advocate for change.

The key topics of activism, sponsorship, communication, and change will be covered.

1. Learn

You will learn about the key components of supporting oneself and supporting others.

  • Use our resources to learn about mental health and its impact

  • Use tools to develop skills in activism, sponsorship, communication, and change

2. Grow

You will reflect on yourself.

  • What changes can you make to help others and yourself

  • What are your aims and visions for the future

  • How you can be a leader in advocating mental health

3. Impact

It is time to take action.

  • Create your own club

  • Join a club near you


If you...

  • Are a student enrolled in a UK university; and

  • Have an interest in mental health issues


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