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Apurva S. Bhardwaj

Masters in Child Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counselling


Addiction, grief, anxiety, depression.

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I take an eclectic approach to therapy with a focus on creating a safe, non-judgmental, and empathetic space, wherein we work together on your goals and well-being. I specialize in concerns regarding anxiety, depression, grief, and addiction. If you have any questions about therapy, I would love to answer them in a 15-min introductory session.

Molly Rai Purdy

Masters in Clinical Psychology


Mental health in children and young people

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Providing mental health education


Masters in Counselling Psychology


stress & anxiety management, sexuality and gender identity, relationship (mono and poly), body image, self-esteem, socioeconomic related concerns, suicide and self harm, life transitions.

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Greetings! It's so good and empowering to see you here and deciding to take a step forward towards your mental health journey. I see you. I know it isn't easy to take this step but hey! You are here. That's a first step and I, in this journey, will help you to become more self aware. So let's work together towards building your own personalized psychological toolbox.

Ananya Agarwal

MSc. Clinical Psychology


Children, young people, work life balance, peer pressure, anxiety, substance use, interpersonal issues, skill building.

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Through our sessions, I hope you find a non judgemental place where you can discuss any of your concerns and find your inner strengths. I believe in letting humans find their true potential and building their resilience by developing healthy coping skills. Therefore, I employ an eclectic approach in my counselling sessions.

Katarzyna Kozłowska

Masters in Clinical Psychology and Neurobiology


Elderly people, disabled, parents, lifeguards.

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Each of us is unique. Please try to be attentive to your needs, be understanding for yourself and take care of your physical and mental health.

Mansai Jindal

MA in Psychology (Counselling, Organisational and Clinical)


People, dealing with cases of work & family stress, relationship issues, OCD

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Let's heal, flourish and break the stereotypes related to mental health together. Whether it's work , family, career or relationship stress let yourself vent it all out.