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शनि, 05 नव॰




International Stress Awareness Week


समय और स्थान

05 नव॰ 2022, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm IST


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7th to the 11thof November 2022 is considered to be ‘International Stress Awareness Week’ and so we at ‘Project C foundation’ conducted an Online Event called ‘De-Stress’ on Saturday the 5th of November 2022 at 6 p.m. (GMT + 5:30 hours). The event went on for an hour and a half wherein the founder of the organization, Mr. Devashish Jena started the event by Introducing our Three Esteem Guest Speakers and our very talented and insightful intern who spoke about what is stress, gave tips to deal with stress and much more. It was encouraging to see around 40 attendees join us at the event.

First speaker was Dr. Blessing Agbo Ntamu who was very insightful and informative about the Science behind Stress - how Human Brain & Body Responds to and is Impacted by Stress. It was interesting to understand how much of an impact stress levels can have on our memory.

Next speaker was was Ms. Maureen Fearon who presented a PPT presentation to make the learning fun with her analogies which anyone and everyone could relate to. Simple and effective techniques to reduce and control stress were introduced by her, along with some interesting facts on how the human body reacts to stress and how we can control those reactions. It was nice to hear from her that you can ‘say No to Stress without Stressing on the fact that You are Stressing’.

Third and final guest speaker was Ms. Preeti Somani who spoke about how you can avoid stress by allowing your thoughts to flow and by allowing yourself to choose your reaction to them.

The most interesting part was, how each of the speakers introduced the concept and spoke about ‘Mindfulness’ as a technique to reduce stress. Mindfulness is something everyone should practice as it changes your reaction to stress in the long run. Mindfulness is basically being present in the moment rather than remembering the past or worrying about the future. It is basically concentrating on your breathing. Breathing slowly and with concentration diverts your mind from the stress and gives you time to calm down which inturn helps to look at the situation from a calmer perspective.

The event was ended by a few questions which were answered by our wonderful guest speakers along with a beautiful presentation by our intern Annabelle Noble who shared some of her own experiences as well as techniques which helped her to reduce stress. It was inspiring and encouraging for many to hear a personal experience about someone ones personal efforts to reduce stress.

All in all the event was a Success as everyone went back to their respective lives with something which impacted them, to atleast give stress and mental health a thought.

Just giving Mental Health a Thought will Help Rather than Ignoring it with harmful and useless thoughts

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