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शनि, 24 सित॰


Online Event

Defeating Hopelessness

International Suicide Prevention Month

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Defeating Hopelessness
Defeating Hopelessness

समय और स्थान

24 सित॰ 2022, 3:00 pm IST – 25 सित॰ 2022, 5:00 pm IST

Online Event

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On the 24th September 2022 at 11:30am France time, the Project C Foundation took their first initiative in conducting a global event called the “Defeating Hopelessness” on the period of the Suicide Prevention Month with a total of 50 attendees which explored on the context of why many suicides rates are increasing despite with many organisation available on the world. The event incorporates to discuss as many topics on suicides such as the causes, coping mechanism, breaking the stigma, mental health wellness and etc. During the event, international participants including senior clinical psychologists and Ngo’s were given the opportunity to choose among various sessions to share opinions, thoughts and consideration from all the topics being discussed.

 The event started by the founder of the organization who is Devashish Jena and continued by the other members on the strategies which will be shared in the whole two hours.

 In terms of the Suicide Prevention month, a simple deep breathing techniques was introduced to the guest speakers that come along with calming music which can helped relieve stress and make the participants feel less anxious before focusing on the headline. Progressively, the topic was discussed on the causes of self-harming in both youth & adults and how social media platforms can be influenced poorly for the coming generation. The results being discussed on this matter was due to poor coping mechanisms and difficulty managing emotions. Then, the panel of the event involves sharing tips in order to improvise strategies in minimizing these harm by reaching out to a friend, self-coping mechanism or searching mental health organizations.

 The event was conducted successfully without any right or wrong answers. Everybody was welcome to share their own personal experiences without getting judged. There were also real life experiences shared by the guest speaker on a suicide story of a close friend and abusive experiences. The responses of this event were positive and supportive throughout the period.

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