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What Project CARE is all about

Project CARE thrives to live up to its name by keeping in check the mental health of as many people as possible and most importantly empowering them to be independent enough to own their decisions with respect to their and the community's mental well-being. Keeping that in mind, Project CARE Clubs is a way for people to come together to reach this common goal. The clubs also aim at providing a safe space for individuals to feel heard, understood and accepted through the ups and downs of working on one's mental health.

Each club consists of volunteer leaders and volunteer members. As members of Project CARE, you can start making a difference right in your own local communities, institutions and organisations by being an active engine of change through club initiations and activities!

Project CARE Encompasses


A sense of kindness and concern for those in distress & facing struggles


An understanding of the bases of mental health & its importance as well as shedding light on issues that are often overseen


We aim at maximum outreach through a global and community-based level via club-based activities, events and programs


Provision of training for volunteers and leaders so they may be able to creatively impart or incorporate important elements of mental health within clubs and communities

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