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Depression is Terrifying, Is it True?

Depression is a serious mental condition that can result in hopelessness and extreme

despair for a long period. It can negatively interfere with a person’s daily routine and

disrupt their relationships.

The Symptoms of Depression Include :

• Feelings of sadness and emptiness

• Loss of interest in activities

• Sleep irregularity, including insomnia and sleeping too much

• Exhaustion and tiredness to do simple tasks

• Developing uncontrollable addictions

Depression is a terrifying mental condition it affects one’s way of life, commonly known

as “not having the will to live”. This feeling of helplessness and despair usually

leads those with depression to inflict physical harm on themselves. This is a form of

coping mechanism to deal with emotional distress by redirecting the unbearable

emotional pain to physical pain. In some severe cases, victims of depression and self-harm

lose their life due to the detrimental damages inflicted on themselves.

While in some cases of extreme mental distress, victims who are tired of feeling hopeless

and powerless give in to their intrusive thoughts. One way to feel like they are in control,

victims might inflict harm to the cause of their emotional distress to terminate further

emotional suffering. Thus, endangering themselves and others around them.

This major mood disorder is terrifying as it also causes suicidal tendencies among its victims.

Dealing with unbearable emotional pain, having the belief that there is no hope left to save

them, and feeling like life is meaningless, victims of depression and suicide are blinded to

see that there is another way to relieve their pain other than committing suicide.

While suicide can happen without any prior signs, here are the symptoms to look out for:

• Severe and long-lasting sadness

• Hopelessness

• Withdrawal and avoidance from family and friends

• Making preparations by giving away personal belongings and tying up loose ends

• Taking unnecessary dangerous risks

Although depression is terrifying as it can lead to self-harm and extreme suicidal tendencies,

there are ways for those affected by depression to seek help and better themselves through

medication, therapy, and social support.

Medication can help to relieve symptoms of depression and it is important to get a diagnosis from a professional. It can relieve the symptoms of depression but one shouldn’t rely completely on it because it might affect one physically if used in the long term.

Therapy and social support (speaking to loved ones, even strangers) are also as effective as medications. Project C provides instant social support that offers various services on a safe platform to anyone with mental-health-related issues to seek help and support from those who need it. All our work is predicated on believing that no one should face crisis alone.

Reach out to us if you or anyone you know is struggling with their mental health.

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