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How Does Self-Abandonment Feel During Mental Health Issues?

Are you someone who has a hard time trusting yourself?

Have you ever hidden any part of yourself – your feelings, beliefs, and ideas – in order to fit in or please others? Do you diminish, doubt or discount your feelings because you think they don’t matter?

This is self-abandonment.

We abandon ourselves when we don’t value ourselves, when we don’t act in our own best interest, and when we don’t encourage and comfort ourselves.

Some Common Examples of Self-Abandonment:

Not trusting your instincts –

Second-guessing yourself, overthinking and ruminating, letting others make decisions for you, and assuming they know more than you do.


Seeking validation from others, suppressing your needs and interests to please others.

Hiding parts of yourself

Giving up your interests and goals, not sharing your feelings.


Having unrealistically high expectations for yourself, never feeling worthy regardless of how much you do and what you accomplish.

Self-criticism and judgment

Saying hurtful and mean things to yourself when you don’t meet your own painfully high standards.

Not honoring your needs

Not recognizing that your needs are valid, failing to practice self-care, feeling unworthy of self-care.

Suppressing your feelings

Pushing away uncomfortable feelings through denial, mood-altering substances, and avoidance.

Not acting according to your values

Doing things to please others even if they go against your beliefs and values.

Codependent relationships

Focusing on someone else’s needs, wants, and problems and neglecting yourself.

Not speaking up for yourself

Not asking for what you need, not setting and enforcing boundaries, letting people take advantage of you.

Suffering is very wrong and if you are suffering the same reach out for help now. In the crowd Project C Foundation offers you to provide help. You can speak up your problems and we will help you to overcome those traumatic events.

Trust Us, We Care For Your Mental Health!

------------Vishnupriya Gaur

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