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How to express love to someone with depression?

What is depression? Is depression even real? Is it a mental illness? Do children get depressed? Who can suffer from depression and what leads to depression? Is there a cure for it?

These are the common questions related to depression. These questions were tackled by Project C Foundation - A mental health care support and answered as follows.

Depression is a mental disorder that affects the lifestyle of a person. Feelings of sadness, anger, loneliness, or irritability are constant emotions. Keeping up with daily activities will become difficult.

There are different ways of treatment for depression through medications, therapies, and medical procedures.

There are many ways to help a depressed person. To help them, we need to know what

depression symptoms to look out for. Below are the few common symptoms that we can


• Anxiety

• Agitation

• Restlessness

• Loss of appetite

• Insomnia

• Trouble concentrating

• Unexplained physical problems

• Angry outbursts

• Suicidal thoughts

To deal with depression, we need to know what type of depression we are dealing with. There are different types of depression like Major depression, Maniac depression, Cyclothymic disorder, Dysthymic disorder, and Perinatal & Postpartum depression. Each of these disorders has varied symptoms and levels of severity, as well as its onset, occurrence, and trigger points.

Supporting someone who is depressed can be done in many ways. Below are a few

methods to consider:

Encourage them to take care of themselves: Often, depression leads to people

feeling worthless and losing interest in themselves. Make them feel worthy and help

them in their daily activities.

Hug: An affectionate hug always elevates a person's mood. People feel relieved

after receiving a hug that lasts longer than 20 seconds, according to studies.

Remind them that you always love them: Tell them that you love them always.

Spend some quiet time with them. Remind them of the happy memories you shared

with them.

Physical activities: Encourage them to cultivate sports like running, swimming, and

taking a walk. It helps to keep them away from negative thoughts.

Suggesting seeking professional help: Helping them find professional help might be

the first step to bettering themselves. Suggesting they reach out to mental health organisations and seek help.

Socialize: The act of socializing helps them to overcome low self-esteem, suppress

their negative thoughts, and reduce loneliness. Ask them to speak up about their thoughts and let their family and friends know what they are growing through. The Project C Foundation - C Podcast is a platform where one can speak up their mind and let people know their issues.

While helping your loved ones to deal with depression, also remember to take care of

yourself. Set boundaries and don’t overindulge yourself in their life.

Always communicate with them and empathize with them. Be careful and think before you speak with them. Be a good listener and don’t judge them. Be there for your loved ones because you want to be with them not because you have to be with them.

--------- N V N PRATYUSHA

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