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Signs of Productivity Guilt to Avoid!

Productivity guilty is a way of feeling bad about not doing or completing a task one has set to do. This is an invasive thought that comes to mind about tasks that were started but not completed. Most people have procrastinating issues which lead to low productivity and creativity. It’s a feeling that puts one physically, emotionally, and/or psychologically worried about not living up to the self-expected productivity, they have for themselves to achieve and accomplish tasks.

4 Signs of productivity guilt:

1. Comparing yourself with others' achievements around you:

Productivity guilt can make you feel inferior to others around you. It is okay to compare yourself to others but it shouldn’t make you feel less of yourself. It is also important to know that those around us might be fighting or battling other issues. We should try to look beyond

others' achievements and focus more on ourselves.

2. Difficulty sleeping:

Guilt is a lot of things, especially when the mind is troubled it is hard for us to fall asleep. The mind keeps thinking and pounding about every little thing it can set to accomplish without also thinking about the effect that will happen to the mind if it doesn’t rest or sleep. The mind needs to relax to be productively sound and function well.

3. Working too much by trying to be in control:

Working too much cannot make one productive but rather distracts one’s ability to focus on important matters. Working on every single task is not necessary but because of the guilt of not being productive enough, we tend to overwork ourselves to feel in control. Just like the saying “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” we need to take time off work to relax, and meditate so that we can be in a good state of mind to work efficiently on important tasks.

4. Feeling anxious and ashamed:

Anxiety can also hinder productivity, it makes us nervous about things we want to do with an uncertain outcome. When anxiety is accompanied by shame it becomes intensely hurtful that we believe we are not worthy of love, acceptance, and belonging. At the same time, we should know that everybody is worthy of love, acceptance, and belonging even just by existing. We should also note that success doesn’t happen every day it takes time and hard work. The fact that we continue to work and put in our best eventually we will get there.

You can feel stressed out constantly and you can also be lazy. However, it is you who has to realize whether you are exhausted or just lazy. Hold on and evaluate your performance to segregate the guilt and exaggeration.

You can now prioritize the important work and work on it to avoid productivity guilt. You can avoid the tasks which are holding you back. These simple steps can lead you to better results and if you want to know more or need help identifying yourself then reach out to us.

Project C will help with its professional team. Your mental health is important to us.


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