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Project C community aims to provide emotional and mental support to everyone need in help across the globe. Its initiative is to spread awareness regarding mental health and break the stigma by raising and educating the importance of mental health and its impact on us in our daily life.

One of its launches is PROJECT FRIEND to initiate instant delivery of emotional support to anyone in need. Project Friend aims to connect to the user in less than a minute to facilitate authentic support and provide help from the team of Project Friend.

Why Project Friend?

We often want to rely on non-judgmental space and avoid discussing it to anyone familiar and speaking to an anonymous source makes it easier. Project Friend aims to continue creating safe space for everyone where their identity shall remain confidential and help will be provided regardless the gender, race and other socioeconomic factors.

How to connect with Project Friend?

If you are someone who is in need of instant one minute delivery of mental health support or if you someone who might be in need, connect us on our social media platforms by sending a direct message. You will be shortly connected to one of our volunteers and help will be on its way!

Project Friend is a great initiative to provide help on a deeper level through social platforms which connects it to all the users virtually to make it more reliable, trustworthy and transparent.

"We all have our highs and lows, and when you are low, you should know where exactly to seek help".

----------- Maryam Fatima

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