What is the Hardest Part of a Depressive Episode?

A depressive episode is a period of depression that persists for at least two to three weeks. During a depressive episode, a person experiences low or depressed mood, loss of interest in most activities, and other symptoms of depression such as changes in appetite, feelings of worthlessness, and thoughts of death.

Depressive Episode
What is the hardest part of a depressive episode?

The severity of a depressive episode varies; it may be classified as primary or minor, depending on the number of symptoms and degree of impairment (social, domestic, and work) experienced.

The hardest part of a depressive episode is the feeling of worthlessness or excessive guilt towards oneself. A person might constantly worry that they have upset others. Always analyzing things that could have been done better and differently. When all your energy

drains into thinking about feeling guilt for things you didn't even actually do.

No matter the situation, guilt can be a terrible burden to bear. If not dealt with, it can gnaw at you, and drag you down. You might even avoid others in an attempt to hide your guilt or act irrationally because of how you feel.

Guilt is the emotion we feel if we let ourselves or others down by failing to meet a particular standard. This standard may be widely acknowledged (missing a deadline and delaying a project, say).

Everyone experiences feelings of sadness occasionally, but depression is different. It persists over time and can cause a variety of other symptoms.

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------- Sadaf Suhail

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