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If you are having a hectic schedule ahead or a had a really long week, and if you feel you cannot afford to take a break, then you definitely need a break! With our busy lives, we have almost made it a task to take some me time out of our rough schedule. It is so important to know when to take a day off or two and focus on your well being. Because we all deserve a little break in our long weeks of work.

Here's a list to help you figure out if you need a break :

1. Stress Makes You Work Overtime:

Stress definitely has a sly way of interrupting our sanity and going unchecked and unresolved. This can block your way of having a clear mind. "If you don't take time out for your body, your body will find a way on its own to do itself".

2. Having No Time for Proper Sleep:

If you haven't had a sound sleep for 8 hours this week, it's a serious hint to take a break right away. A short break wouldn't effect much than having a tiring affair in long term. "Your body can feel things that your mind would want to delay".

3. Health Deteriorating Factor:

You might feel all that stress is causing the headache or migraine, but a slight change in your routine can help you get the boost you need. Don't bombard yourself with a load of stress, a short getaway can help you relax for a longer time and will have a positive impact on your work outcome.

4. Feeling Mentally Blocked or Zoned Out:

If you are constantly blank inside your head and often has poor memory, it is a good enough reason to take a break from everyday life and skip your daily routine for a while. If your brain feels like totally shut down, and you push yourself to do the work, then you should probably step back and think of your mental well being a little too seriously.

5. You Have Zero to Negligible Social Life:

If you don't find time to spend with your friends or family, or to maintain social connections with your circle then it's high chance that you're missing out on some precious moments of your life for unnecessary workload that can be sorted with a week long break. You owe yourself some time if you feel you've achieved much at the stake of your peace and wellness.

We all need a break at one point of our lives, but perhaps you need one now. You may say that you are absolutely too busy to take a break or there is no way that you can let go right at the moment. These are both signs that you need a break right away.

The key is to have atleast two long breaks a year, a short week break every two months to keep the stress away. It only results in longevity of positive outcomes, both in your personal and professional lives.

Project C aims to provide emotional support to everyone experiencing a mental disorder and looking for safe and non judgmental space to heal. We provide 24×7 instant support and help you recover through professional support and Complete guidance.

------- Maryam

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pari cute
pari cute
26 may 2022

Above lines are very true and correct keep going , keep rocking go a head good very good maryam ....

Me gusta
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