Why Does a Particular Age Group Have Mental Health Issues?

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), one in seven 10 to19- year old's

experience mental disorder, accounting for 13% of mental health issues and

diseases in this age group. Anxiety disorder, Depressive Disorder are among the

leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents. Globally, It is estimated that

even after so many cases of mental health disorders among these young adolescents,

the majority of them remain unidentified or unrecognized.

No Age Restrictions:

Mental health issues are not age-restricted. They can happen to anyone and at any

time. There are various mental diseases and issues like PTSD, Depressive disorder,

and Addiction that can occur throughout your life and can stay for longer than one can

imagine. A senior citizen can become an addict, and a young child can have a post-

traumatic disorder.

"Life is unpredictable. Not everything is in our control. But as long as

you are with the right people, you can handle anything"– Amy Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-


Teenagers & Mental Health:

The teenage group and the young adults are the most vulnerable to mental health issues. It is the age when everything is suddenly new and exciting. And mistakes of such naïve behaviours

often lead to unexpected turns. They often feel neglected by their parents because of

the age gap and feel closer to their friends. In the process of giving more importance to

their friends, they forget themselves.

The parents neglect their kid's symptomatic behaviours which further makes the kids

feel more lonely. This is the most dangerous time for the person. They get into a

phase of believing that the future will also be the same. They think the world will be

cruel to them if they speak up about what and how they are feeling. And it is during this

phase, that the person can become suicidal.

The roots of any mental health issue are always from childhood. Mental diseases never occur suddenly, rather they pile up and create a Black Hole where they pull the person deep into thinking about life in a negative way. Therefore, checking on our closest teens and making them feel loved and appreciated is extremely important.

Words of affirmation and following their love language are ways of creating a bond where they can trust us during difficult times. And in such time Project C Foundation, an NPO can help you to overcome your problems. You can talk and express your feelings and understand value of yours.

--------- Tanishtha Mewada

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