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We understand the difficulties international students may face when traveling to a different country. Facing a new environment, new culture and being surrounded by unfamiliar faces may impact your mental health. With 78% of students experiencing mental health issues according to the NUS survey, we believe that this is a prevalent issue that needs to be addressed. No one should feel alone. We are here to help.


The away from home project aims to help international students with their mental health and well-being. We have a variety of resources readily available for you to access. This includes information pages, stories from students going through the same problems, a discord for you to communicate with other students and a club system. Our leadership course will allow you to create a club promoting mental health, or allow you to join an existing club. These clubs will be based internationally and will focus on supporting each other with mental health. Leadership, advocacy and self-confidence skills will all be developed so that you can help change the stigma behind mental health.


Many of our team are students themselves so we understand the problems you may face. This project provides a positive and judgment-free environment in which everyone feels welcomed. Do not hesitate to reach out. 


Tiffany Leung

University of Warwick

I was the team leader for this project and was responsible for supporting my team. It has been amazing to see this idea develop into a service which can positively impact people’s lives. I hope to be able to expand our network further and reach even more students!
In my spare time I can be found eating food, exploring outdoors and doing gymnastics. In the winter, I also enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

Aastha Mehta

City, University of London

Growing up I have always enjoyed playing basketball and volleyball. This allowed me to be a part of a community that I could depend on as an international student throughout my university experience. I believe that through Away From Home we will be able to give other international students the same type of community to rely on if they ever need it.

And while I’m not playing basketball, I also enjoy painting and reading and whenever I can, visiting new countries.

Nicole Ting

University College London (UCL)

Growing up in a society where conversation surrounding mental health and illness was hindered by its stigmatisation, I was immediately drawn to the concept of an organisation dedicated to supporting international students with their mental health. Being a part of an organisation that tackles such significant societal issues is something I’m truly proud of, and hope will make a difference.

Some small things that make me happy include: spending time with my puppies, re-connecting with old friends, and cafe hopping.

Modi Mohammed

IAU University

Coming from a Middle Eastern community, mental health problems are sometimes overlooked and might not be taken very seriously. In university, I faced some anxiety and found no help around me nor found people who understood what I'm going through. Fortunately, my passion for coffee and love for video games helped me overcome it. so In this project, I'll try to provide the best help possible so you don't feel alone or neglected.

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