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Together Against Bullying

International Anti-Bullying Week

Together Against Bullying
Together Against Bullying


2022年11月19日 17:00 – GMT+5:30 18:00



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14th to the 18th of November 2022 was International Anti - Bullying Week and so we at 'Project C Foundation' conducted an online event called 'Together Against Bullying' in order to Spread Awareness about Bullying and the various factors related to it, which unfortunately we never consider.

The Event started by our host Shreya Bagchi who introduced the panel of speakers which was full of wonderful, empathetic and informative speakers. Approximate of 30 people attended the event and it was great to see that people felt that they could share their personal experiences as well as ask questions to get clarity. 

First on the panel of speakers was Bien Grace Pracuelles who spoke about the three people involved in the situation of bullying along with their perspective of and consequences on the three people involved. It was new and interesting to look at the situation from a different lens because we never consider the perpective of the victim (person being bullied), the bully (the person who bullies) and the by-stander (who is not being bullied or does not bully but is present in the situation and is unable to do anything to stop it). 

Second in the line-up of the speakers was Maureen Fearon who was very insightful in sharing the reasons behind a person becoming a bully, victim or a by-stander. She also mentioned that it is possible that you might be a bully without even realizing it, because we are so caught up in our own issues that we don't think about the consequences of our actions. 

Next speaker was our intern Annabelle Nobel who gave a detailed presentation how bullying effects the brain and also mentioned a few studies related to it. After Annabelle, came Mrs. Farida Sultana who is a school teacher as well as a parent and she spoke about bullying from a teachers plus a parents perspective. Our final speaker for the event was Naomi Hebby Rosell who spoke about cyber bulling and its harmful effects.

All in all the event was a success and we believe we made a small (but important) amount of difference in our society and we aspire to keep doing so.


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