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It takes all of us to make the difference

Helping Hands
Helping Hands


Each and every person has the ability to make a difference in someone’s life at Project C Foundation. . We are looking for engaged community members in our Volunteering program to make a difference. For more information about getting involved, get in touch today.


We create communities where people can find the support they need through the power of connection. Most of the times, people do not find proper support which further worsen the situation. Help them find us by being our social ambassador. Be a part of our social campaigns and spread our organization's values, vision and mission.

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It is through the immense generosity of the team that tries to conduct different mental health awareness workshops and campaigns especially to the schools where facilities like these are not available. Every contribution goes toward helping and supporting the most vulnerable. If you’re interested in helping them out with our Sponsorship program, do reach out.


In order to keep helping people with mental health related issues overcome difficulties every day,  we need to expand our service offerings. If you believe in our mission, do consider donating today. Every contribution makes a difference.

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